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Choosing a Class

New to Yoga: We suggest starting with our Intro to Yoga and/or Hatha classes. These classes emphasize alignment and basic yoga asanas (postures) that create the foundation of a yoga practice.

Familiar with Yoga: One can continue to progress in the Hatha 1-2 classes. For students looking for more rigor, we suggest exploring the Anusara, Ashtanga or Vinyasa classes.

Choosing a Teacher

Various teachers have different approaches to teaching yoga, therefore we suggest finding one or two teachers whom you enjoy and from whom you want to learn. In the beginning you may want to purchase a 10 class series and try several different teachers to find the one that fits you best.

Frequency of Practice

It is important to find a frequency of practice that is neither too much, nor too little. In the beginning you may want to start with two or three classes per week. This will help you to develop a rhythm in practice and retain the yoga postures in the body's cellular and muscular memory.

As you develop, and become more excited about yoga you may want to increase your attendance to four to six times per week. Remember, you should enjoy your yoga practice and it should be something you look forward to. Find the balance between not enough and too much. You know your body.



AcroYoga is a dynamic blend of partner yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage offered in the spirit of trust, connection, and playfulness. Emphasis is on the student's experience of mutual support, utilizing communication and accurate self-assessment to facilitate moments of discovery and ease. Through practicing AcroYoga, we experience a deepening trust in ourselves and others, and realize that by working in partnership, we manifest more than we ever could alone. Please visit us at Each class will draw from a combination of: Circle Ceremony, Mirrored Asana, Partner Yoga Flow, Supported Inversions, Basic Partner Acrobatics, Flying Sequences, Thai Massage, and Deep Partner Stretching. Students are requested to have a basic familiarity with yoga and a healthy dose of courage, humor, and receptivity. Appropriate for those wishing to deepen their practice of more advanced asanas such as inversions and backbends, while expanding their flexibility and increasing strength. No Partner Necessary!!


John Friend founded an approach to yoga that is based on universal principles of alignment. This class also blends the science of bio mechanics with the celebration of the heart.


Ashtanga yoga taught in the tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India is based on a fixed series of postures that are linked by fluid, connecting movements and breath (vinyasa).
Ashtanga Flow is a challenging, guided class incorporating in-depth instruction based on the Ashtanga yoga system but with variance of postures and different focuses each week. These classes incorporate both the full primary and the secondary series of Ashtanga yoga.


With an emphasis on deep, conscious breathing, this healing style of Yoga helps you connect to your core getting you strong and centered. It uses heat and vigorous sequences of Standing Postures, Inversions, Backbends and Twists to sweat out toxins. The long holds in the pose progressions help you flush, oxygenate and rejuvenate every cell in your body. This class is practiced in a room heated to 80 degrees to open up the muscles and relax the body.


Come, dance your yoga! Dancing Freedom combines fun, fitness and consciousness in a juicy, free-form movement practice for all bodies. Irresistible music inspires us as we travel Ecstatic, Somatic & Shamanic currents of energy. As we dance, we learn who we really are, what motivates us, how we respond to life, and how to cultivate new, more peaceful relationships. We learn choice & surrender. We breathe, sweat & pray. We open to greater aliveness, vibrancy & wholeness. Together, we create a compassionate and curious space to celebrate and elevate our Selves, our community and our lives.


Through careful attention to alignment, creative sequencing, and hands on attention, we will explore the balance between a powerful, challenging flow while seeking ease and freedom in each pose. Emphasis is on deep breath work and meditation in motion.

The emphasis in these classes is on alignment and form; covering in detail the core asanas as well as yogic breath. Students develop greater flexibility and body awareness.


Dynamic Stick Yoga is a fun and challenging practice that focuses on decompressing the body and encouraging greater opening, flexibility and core strength. Seventh Heaven is the first studio in the Bay Area to offer this practice, which, while new to the yoga world, is rooted in ancient traditions and developed by modern knowledge about the way the body moves. Dynamic Stick Yoga employs sticks (usually bamboo) of varying lengths to propel you into greater expansion and deepen your yoga practice. Dynamic Stick allows the yogi to hold poses for a longer duration, creating beneficial muscle memory and providing space to deepen the posture. The stick is used as a lever to allow a more profound stretch, and is especially helpful for opening the chest after a long day of sitting hunched forward at the computer, the steering wheel, the dinner table, etc. It is also helpful for balance training, core strengthening and even self-massage techniques. All of these benefits make Dynamic Stick a great practice for yogis of all levels, from beginning to advanced. As soon as you pick up a stick you will begin to play and explore your yoga postures in a way that is unavailable to you without it. Dynamic Stick is an excellent way to advance your practice, undo the damage of your daily routines, and, especially, have some fun!


With an emphasis on deep, conscious breathing, this challenging style of Hatha yoga helps you to build strength, core power and inner awareness. Designed to heal the ails of modern living (frazzled mind, tense neck and shoulders, weak, tight low back and hips), it uses heat and vigorous sequences of postures to sweat out toxins and stoke the digestive fire. The long holds in the pose progressions help you flush, oxygenate and rejuvenate every cell in your body, leaving you feeling refreshed, renewed and inspired.


Hatha is the most common branch of yoga practiced in the United States. Hatha is derived from the Sanskrit words for sun (Ha) and moon (tha), which suggests the goals of balance and harmony between opposites. It is considered the mother of many other forms we know today. In the Hatha classes at 7th Heaven you will find a focus on breathe and alignment with an emphasis on allowing your body to move through the postures gently.

The Hatha Flow classes are appropriate for any level yoga with a basic understanding of the postures. You develop self-awareness and a calm mind along with increased flexibility and enhanced state of well being.


The four-week introduction to yoga courses offer students who are new to Hatha yoga a step-by-step introduction to the fundamentals of the yoga postures, breathing techniques and yogic philosophy. We highly recommend that you take this foundation course when beginning your yoga practice at 7th Heaven. This course should be taken in conjunction with regular Hatha 1-2 classes.

The Yoga Basics class is a way to continue as a new yogi once you have graduated from the four week program. It is a weekly class that offers beginning students an opportunity to continue and build their practice. If you are returning to yoga it is also a wonderful way to sink back in, the four week series is not a prerequisite.


This class is designed to be a way to expand upon the Tuesday night Intro to Yoga class. Whether you have a practice and want to try a flow class or you have been taking Intro to Yoga classes, this is your next step to expand your practice. The class combines hatha yoga poses and vinyasa techniques to develop dynamic, rhythmic and focused movement with breath.


"Iyengar Yoga is a method of Hatha Yoga developed over a period of 60 years by B.K.S. Iyengar of Pune, India. He is one of the world's most acclaimed yoga masters. His basic principles of movement are compatible with current developments in the field of physical therapy and in other modern bodywork disciplines. Combining classical yoga traditions with innovative refinements, Mr. Iyengar's approach is marked by dynamism and precision." Iynaus

Iyengar classes are a strong practice. In a Iyengar class you could expect to focus on the details and correct alignment in postures, use of props to enable the student to deepen their experience in the poses safely and usually a strong standing pose sequence. Standing poses are the foundation to the Iyengar method and students continue to practice them at every level. Also, expect to be introduced to, handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksana), elbow balance (Pincha Mayurasana), headstand (Sirsasana) and shoulder stand (Sarvangasana), Plow (Halasana) and many variations thereof depending on the level of the class.


Kundalini Yoga uses movement, sound current, breath and meditation to relax & heal your mind and body, allowing the spirit to flow freely. Kundalini Yoga brings a greater feeling of well-being and happiness. Learn breathing techniques, yoga postures, hand gestures, chanting and meditation from an experienced teacher.


An opportunity to release stress and drop into meditation. This session feels like an elixir for the soul. This class follows Shakthi's Friday level 2-3 yoga class. Yoga class helps prepare the body for meditation, although students may attend just the meditation class if desired. This gentle meditation session is a breath focused session, and results in calmness of body and ease of the mind. Students leave this session feeling connected with a deep still pool of wellness within.


An opportunity to release stress and drop into meditation. This session feels like an elixir for the soul. This class follows Shakthi's Friday level 2-3 yoga class. Yoga class helps prepare the body for meditation, although students may attend just the meditation class if desired. This gentle meditation session is a breath focused session, and results in calmness of body and ease of the mind. Students leave this session feeling connected with a deep still pool of wellness within.


Morning Vinyasa is a powerful flowing yoga practice designed to wake up the body and relax the mind. this class is a mindful, meditative journey that emphasizes the cultivation of a steady balance between effort and ease and is an invigorating yet deeply nourishing way to start your day.


Nia is a movement practice that integrates Eastern and Western wisdom, including inspiration from the martial arts, dance arts, and the healing arts. Combining movements from Tai Chi, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Jazz, Modern Dance as well as Yoga, Nia delivers a balanced cardiovascular, strengthening and toning workout. Practiced barefoot, Nia’s eclectic mixture of music and movement offers a magical and joyful atmosphere to develop self-healing and awareness of mind and body.
For more information, please visit and


Enjoy a lunchtime stretch in this hour long Yoga class and emerge relaxed and re-energized for the rest of your day. Noon Yoga features several Anusara Inspired and Anusara Certified Teachers. For more information about each teacher click on their name on the schedule page.


Based on the teachings of Joseph H. Pilates, this exercise system involves full body participation and promotes grace, coordination and keen body awareness. You will learn to activate to your deep core muscles in each movement while developing strength, flexibility and the self-confidence that comes from getting strong in your 'center'. With an emphasis on releasing unnecessary tension and using efficient biomechanics to reduce wear and tear on the joints, the body becomes light, lifted and energized.


A class especially designed to support women through the phases of pregnancy, birthing and post-delivery by using gentle postures to create ease, build strength, and deepen connection with expectant mother and baby. All levels welcome, but if you are new to yoga, it is best to check with your doctor before beginning. Post-natal classes, babies are welcome. click here for more info


Qi Gong is a movement practice that harnesses forces from the ground, breath, and mind to awaken the lower dantien (pump of the meridian system). Once active the Binqi (pathogenic factors) is pushed out of the body freeing the main five channels of the meridian system. When all the channels are open higher functions can be developed.

In the class you will be guided through a combination of standing postures, spontaneous movement, formal exercises and meditation. These exercises create harmonizing forces that balance and enhance systems of the body, thereby improving health and emotional well-being. The result is a feeling of lightness and increased energy that can lead to greater freedom and choice throughout one’s life.

Please note that due to the breathe work and postures used in Qi Gong it is not appropriate for pregnant practitioners.


Restorative back care is a slower more gently paced yoga class. During this class we will practice an array of stretching and strengthening poses mostly in reclined positions; relax deeply for longer holds over yoga props and visit breath awareness and meditation. This class is available to all levels and especially those recovering from illness or injury, postpartum, or in need of a quiet contemplative space. A great support and compliment for more active styles of hatha yoga.


This vigorous style of yoga consists of a continuous series of postures which are linked together with fluid connecting movements (vinyasa). The practice is synchronized with careful attention to breathing to build internal heat.


Warrior Vinyasa is designed to address one of our greatest daily challenges- lack of grounding, inner strength and focus. Unique to this form of yoga, our sequences will teach you how to generate strong, concentrated and positive energy to overcome your particular life challenges and achieve your specific goals, while giving you a rocking workout.

Combining the juicy and dynamic flow elements of Vinyasa with the energizing and enlivening elements of Empowerment Yoga, Warrior Vinyasa will leave you feeling de-stressed, energized, confident and refocused. The class is sequenced with intensive body- and breath-work, integrated with subtler energy attention and development. As you learn the principles and practices of true empowerment, less and less in your life will knock you off your balance or sap your energy. You will learn to systematically generate personal power, achieve your goals, and awaken the super hero slumbering within.


These classes focus on the quality of flexibility by quietly exploring longer holds of each posture for a deeper and more complete stretch. This kind of yoga practice encourages a deep release in the body and provides a context to discover the more subtle levels of physical practice. This class is suitable for both the new student and the advanced yogi.


Finding Stillness in Movement and Movement in Stillness-Experience this unique style of yoga that combines the Yang active aspect of our nature with our receptive Yin qualities, creating a deep integrated practice. The first half of class will evoke our lunar nature with long slow holds, releasing connective tissue and enhancing energy flow and distribution. With the body safely opened and warmed, we will move into our more active portion of class, expressing solar radiant qualities with rhythmic fluid movement.


Yin-Yang Vinyasa consists of preparatory warm-ups and a vinyasa flow of standing poses, called karanas, which prepare one for the seated postures, asanas. When integrated with mindful breath work, this practice aligns and refines the subtle energy (prana) for meditation.


Weekly, we will explore yoga postures (including restorative yoga poses) that help support the hormonal roller coaster of the 2nd puberty.  We'll practice mindfulness and breath work as a way to connect more deeply to our changing selves and we'll participate in a weekly check-in of "congenial commiseration."  How does one ride the change with grace?  Come find out and bring your energetic surfboard!  All levels welcome from the brand new student to the deeply seasoned practitioner.

Read more about Jnana on her website.


The Zumba® program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program. The Zumba philosophy is that it is possible to achieve long-term benefits while experiencing an absolute blast in one exciting hour of calorie-burning, body-energizing, awe-inspiring movements. The routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Add some Latin flavor and international zest into the mix and you've got Zumba®




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