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We invite you to come and experience the warmth and beauty of our studio.

Cultivating body awareness is the heart of our program. Yoga provides a means to attune the body and bring clarity to the mind. Yoga is not physical gymnastics, but a practice to open the body, heart, mind and spirit. Students are encouraged to investigate both the gross and the subtle nature of their bodies. Meditation flowers in the course of practice.

Seventh Heaven has four rooms with wood or cork flooring, and beautiful natural light. We also have a state-of-the-art heating and air-conditioning system that maintains a constant temperature. Practicing in a warm environment helps your body to relax and stretch. We like to keep our studio warm for this reason. In India, where yoga was developed, the average temperature is in the 80s and 90s.

What is Yoga?
The Indian sage Pantanjali (200 BC), systematized the science of self inquiry in Sanskrit. In his treatise, the Yoga Sutras, he describes the eight limbs, which is known by its Sanskrit name, Ashtanga Yoga (eight - ashta, limb - anga). Patanjali's eight limbs are:

  1. Yama: codes of restraint, abstinences
  2. Niyama: observances, self-training
  3. Asana: meditation posture
  4. Pranayama: expansion of breath and prana
  5. Pratyahara: withdrawal of the senses
  6. Dharana: concentration
  7. Dhyana: meditation
  8. Samadhi: deep absorption

They address the cultivation of awareness in everything from proper ethical conduct to meditation. The third branch of this system, asana - also known as Hatha Yoga, focuses on the strengthening and purification of the body. An asana practice integrates the breath and the body into a cohesive whole.

Changing Rooms
There are large bathrooms and changing rooms at 7th Heaven, with showers and lockers for your convenience. Please keep your valuables with you in the studio for your protection.

Women's Menstrual Cycle
According to yogic wisdom, when a woman is menstruating, an alternative program is recommended. By "going against the flow," and maintaining an excessively strong practice during menstruation, a woman may deplete vital energy the body needs to renew. At a minimum, inversions should not be practiced.

Don't Push & Don't Compare
Classes can be physically demanding, and students are encouraged to explore their individual thresholds in a non-competitive manner. Each body has its own rhythm.

Yoga practice will relax and care for your body. There is no hurry. New students lament that they are not progressing fast enough. Slowly, slowly, we invite you to investigate your practice with love and compassion for yourself. Be patient. If you maintain a commitment to a weekly practice, your body will transform before your eyes.

Illness & Injury
When recovering from illness or injury, please consult one of our experienced Yoga teachers and/or your health care professional before beginning a regular Yoga practice.


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